Snowflake Soup!

I love Snowflake Soup because it tastes like INVISIBLE!!!

I also love to cook, bake and make candy. I grew up just outside of New Orleans where the saying goes “We don’t eat to live, we LIVE to EAT”.  New Orleans, and most of “The South” for that matter, is a very Food-centric community, we use food to express joy, sorrow, pain, celebration and mourning.  When someone is born, we send a dish, when someone passes, we send a dish, you get a promotion…you go out to dinner!  The love of food and family are in the forefront of my childhood memories, memories with my parents and my brother, memories that I cherish.

They say that smell it the most memory evoking of all senses, and I think they are right, but I also think that a taste of something familiar and comforting can bring you right back to a day and time when you were safe and happy, a day when your Papa baked you cookies or your Mama made your favorite Gumbo.  The smell and taste of these things reach across time and space and wrap you in the warm arms of comfort and love, they can bring you home.

One of my main joy’s in life is cooking for my friends and family, it makes me happy and fills me with an inner peace knowing that I have helped nourish their bodies, souls and minds, hopefully that I have helped make them just a little bit happier than they were before and that maybe I have given them a good safe memory that they can turn to when times are tough.  I cook for LOVE, my cooking IS love, my FOOD is love. When I share my cooking with you, I am loving you, I am sharing with you a piece of my heart.

Welcome to my love letters to my friend, welcome to Snowflake Soup.


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